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Der Song "I Don't Need Much" auf Sway Clarke's aktueller EP "bad love" hat ein Video bekommen. Gedreht wurde in Berlin.

Sway erzählt: "The locations were all places that I chose, both cause I hang out there and because of their aesthetic - especially JK ;) I go longboarding at Templhof all the time to clear my head. I think for Berliner’s it’s quite normal to have an airport in your backyard you can picnic on and have sex in when the grass is long enough, but it’s really rare and incredible. Majestic.

The director is Steve Glashier from the UK. He’s used to live in Berlin years ago, and recently moved back so he was the perfect partner in crime with a real experience of Berlin, but with international filming experiences."

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Für alle Berliner - am 29.07.2016 spielt Sway ein Konzert im KELLER